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As many of you know, this weekend one of our games was not confirmed and the other one was cancelled. This is always a weird sort of moment for basketball players. We always wish for more free time to do things but then we get the free time unexpectedly and we never have a clue what to do with. Well, lucky for you all I have compiled a list of activities to do if this ever occurs again:

Sleep – this is usually my option. I think everyone knows that. I usually get up around 10 and eat, then I decide I will take an hour nap that last about 4 hours. Then I get up and eat again, then I say to myself I’ll just take another quick nap. Around 11pm I am wide awake staring at my ceiling wishing I could fall asleep for the night wondering how it was possible to sleep through an entire day. Sunday, repeat.

Spend time with your significant other – lets face it, we rarely have time for this. With a spontaneous weekend off in the middle of the season, why not have an impromptu date night? Remind your significant other that you love them just as much as basketball (for some, this may be more, for others it may be less and in that case your better of saying nothing, no one likes liars). Get romantic people!!

Find a significant other – for us single basketball players now is the time to go out and meet the person of your dreams. You can spend time in the book store waiting for the right person to reach for the same copy of Harry Potter as you do and you giggle and then look into their eyes and see that spark and you fall in love (it definitely happens like that, trust me). This time, instead of having to jet off to your game, you can sit and get to know the person and talk about why Harry is the “hero” of Harry Potter books but the real genius behind everything is Hermoine. (Yea I said it)

Have a birthday party – For a lot of my birthdays as a kid, despite the fact that they were in the summer I was playing basketball on them. If your birthday falls between Novemeber and April, when you accidentally get a free weekend you should really consider an impromptu birthday party to celebrate the birthday you spent setting screens and grabbing rebounds.

Read an entire book – you may never get the chance again.

Uni work/work – This is a very productive thing to do and the one I recommend most but usually do the least. If there is stuff to be done and you have free time do it!

Visit family members – Cause usually the best time to visit any one is on the weekends when you have time to sit and catch up. Make sure you tell your Grandmom you love her.

And lastly, go to the gym – here is my theory. As athletes and who have been playing basketball for a long period of time we are used (almost addicted) to that adrenaline we get on the weekends. We love that feeling of competing. Without that adrenaline to make us forget about work, school, and any other problem we start to think about things like the meaning of life and tons of other things that would be forgotten during a game and the victory celebration after. The gym could help you receive that necessary amount of adrenaline so that you don’t sit around in your room wondering where you will be in 15 years. Think about it.

Anyways, that’s my list. You’re welcome.


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