Why join Hatters?

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There are many reasons and if you ask any member past or present (and that’s a lot of people in 60 years) they will all give you different answers as to what the club has done for them. In the coming weeks and months I will be posting just a few of their stories. To start here are 3 quotes from current members in the youngest section of the club.

My daughter joined Sheffield hatters after a school tournament highlighted her interest and skill in basketball in year 5.  She was experiencing  a stressful home and school life and basketball became a focus and outlet for her where she felt safe and welcome. She played u12’s and u14’s early into her joining the team, with very limited experience and this gave her a great confidence boost and development opportunity. She found  it difficult to build friendships and it took a while to find her feet but The Hatters girls, coaches, managers and parents have always given her support and encouragement when needed.  Leadership listen to concerns without judgement, and have time for their girls and their parents. A family orientated club with the best intentions , experience and care for it’s members.  Why not come and join us!! (Parent)

When my daughter first asked if she could play basketball aged 9 I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know too much about Hatters but did know that they were the only basketball club near us. As a parent you worry that when your child joins an already established club, with players that have been there a while that they won’t fit in or get on with the other players. I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the minute we walked through the door my daughter was greeted with smiles and conversation immediately.  Hatters are so much more than just a basketball club, they really are a family. The senior team are so involved with the younger players coming up through the ranks. They are fantastic role models and make the younger girls believe anything is possible! Hatters has been an incredible influence on my daughter and her life in general. As a girl in sport she has always found she has more to prove, but Hatters provide an incredible platform for the girls to grow and develop and always make them believe in themselves. She is now nearly 12 and not only plays for the under 12’s but also for the under 13’s and under 14’s too which has done wonders for her confidence. During lockdown she attended many of the zoom sessions her coaches put on and said they made her feel like she was still part of the team. She said that when they did see each other in person again it didn’t feel like they had been apart. The fact that they could still train in some kind of way not only maintained their friendships but also helped to keep them fit and focused through these difficult and strange times. The club is run by truly dedicated volunteers who want nothing more than for every single girl that walks through the door to succeed. It’s not a club that pick and choose players based on ability or experience, it’s a club that passionately encourage anyone to give it a try, believing that if you enjoy it you should do it! I can not praise this club or sport enough. (Parent)

“I love being a part of Hatters as it has helped me learn the sport more and made me feel more confident. I have made some great friends who have always made me feel feel like part of the team. I love playing games the most even though it took me a while to learn all the rules!” (Young Player)

We are always ready to welcome players of all ages and abilities. Primary aged children can attend Hotshots which runs every Thursday from 5-6pm at All Saints Sports Centre Sheffield S2 2RU (boys and girls are welcome). The first session is free and it is then £5 per session. Older girls can join age group teams and there are teams for women from recreational to elite level.


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